Using Birthstone Charms As Unique Gifts

Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, the list of occasions can be virtually endless when it comes time to give your woman a gift. Birthstone charms could be one of the surprises you could give to her this time. Mother’s Day is just around the corner so why not try something different this time round, like Chamilia beads, Pandora bracelets and charms? They are not that expensive.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that is true to some extent however. However, diamonds can be expensive and not within your reach at the moment. There are other types of jewelry that can make up nicely and even more. On special occasions such as Mother’s Day for example, it is important you choose your present wisely. When you are selecting what kind of present to give it is important think of something that receiver will feel proud to wear all the time.

Hence I want to introduce you to birthstone charms, and other charm bracelets. Birthstones are generally precious gems. These gems represent the calendar month on which one was born. Each calendar month of the year has their own birthstones. So where does birthstone charms come in, you may ask? Birthstone charms are just akin to charm bracelet charms that became popularized in the 80′s and are still very popular up to this day. The charms are made using these special stones, hence the name birthstone charms.

Each birthstone has a meaning, or as some people would rather refer to it, attributes. Below you would find a brief list of the birthstone for each month and what they mean. For a detailed discussion of the birthstone charms and how to save on birthstone charms and bracelets, I would encourage you to visit this page of this website that dedicated to the discussion of the and other charm bracelets jewelry.

The Different Kind Stones In Birthstone Charms

So here we go:

1. January’s birthstone is Garnet, with a red color and is meant to ward off illnesses

2. February: Amethyst is the birthstone of February. It has purple color and is meant to give you a stress-free life when you wear it.

3. March. Acquamarine is the birthstone of those born in March.

4. Diamond is the birthstone of the April born, representing a never ending love.

5. May: Emerald is the birthstone of May. It is meant to relief wearers of ailments.

6. June: Pearl, meant to promote long-lasting marriage, is the birthstone of those born in June.

7. Next Ruby is the birthstone of those born in July. It represents fire and emotion. Now I know why wife is who she is.

8. August: The olive green stone, Peridot, is the birstone of August. The ancient believe to be anniversary stone of 16 years of marriage.

9. September: Sapphire, the blue gemstone is the birthstone of September. It is meant to provide physical and emotional balance to wearers.

10. October: Your birthstone charm, sometimes referred to as the queen of gems, is the birthstone Opal.

11. November’s birthstone is represented by Topaz. It is meant to protect the wearer from any harm.

12. December: Finally, we are here. Turquoise, is the birthstone of December. It’s meaning is to protect the wearer from all evils.

So above are all the birthstones of each month and briefly what they mean and represent to the wearer. So i guess the question that may going through your mind will be: What if you want to wear one particular birthstone charm but you were born in a different month? The answer is very simple. Just go and have fun.

How Can You Use Birthstone Charms On Mother’s Day and Other Occasions?

One of the best ways of using this charm bracelet charm is to have the names of all the children of the Mum or whoever is to receive it, have their name engraved on the birthstone charm and then present it to her. She would love it. It is also worth noting that if the person you are buying  for does not know these charm bracelets, you other bracelets and charms to which they can attach the birthstone charms.

However, it is important that you find out first if the woman is someone who loves these kinds jewelry. So instead of always opting for the same thing every time, try birthstone charms for a change.



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