Natural pearls most of the time are treated in variety of ways to alter and enhance its external charm. These treatments either make the pearl more lustrous or modify its color to turn into a different hue.

The practice of pearl treatments has been done for some centuries ago. These longstanding techniques are acknowledged, but as the technology develops new approach in defining these precious, it made it challenging to recognize whether the pearl has undergone treatment or not, thus making these new schemeobjectionable.

If you are keen to buying pearls, you might be interested to know that pearls among those of high quality do not necessarily need to undergo any treatments. But just so you know, the following are the methods used resemble the excellence of the rare and exorbitantly priced pearls that makes it hard to detect whether the color is genuine or not:


This is the method wherein pearls are exposed to radiation to induce intense hue using electrons, neutrons and gamma rays. It has a clashing effect on freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls. Though gamma rays do not disturb the nacre layer, it definitely darkens the core of the pearl. Pearls that will undergo this treatment will look gray or blue in color. If in case the nacre layer will get affected, it can get really dark to almost like a black pearl. Some will even have the look of the powerful gloss of a metal and a rainbow-like finish.

Pearl in shell



To improve the brightness of white pearls, bleaching process is used. White becomes whiter and even. The bleaching method commonly practiced is by exposing it to bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide. This management is hard to notice due to the point that it is virtually difficult to point an evidence of pearl’s exposure to the substance. This method has long been considered to be acceptable but if not done carefully, bleaching may cause wearing of the pearl nacre, and will eventually result to weakening.


Tinting of a pearl using a dye is commonly practiced. Although pearls naturally have different variety of hues, recoloring is often done to create a further attractiveness or to make seem an unusual shade. With the use of silver nitrate to dye the pearl, it can yield silver, black, gray or brown colored pearls. They are submerged in a silver nitrate solution for a period of time and exposed to a strong light source after. Sometimes it is also treated by hydrogen sulfate. This dyeing process is usually functional to pearls that are low in quality, and by transforming it to a rare variant will give it a new appeal. It can even mimic the very expensive black pearl.


Fillers are used to even out the pearl’s imperfections such as surface cavities. By filling it with elements like wax, wires or even epoxy if it is hollow, it can now pass the quality of an unblemished pearl. Specifically, the use of epoxy strengthens the pearl and makes it weigh to exactly what it should according to its dimension. It is somehow an unacceptable method because the pricing of pearls is significant to how much it weighs.

With these said treatments, it is almost impossible to separate pearls that are truly valuable from low quality but treated ones. If you want make sure that what you are buying is really a rare piece, then be careful to choose the person or the store that buy from. Do not hesitate to ask. If the seller is reputable, then he will be honest enough to tell the real value of his merchandise.

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