What is so special in modern jewelry making is that it gives you the freedom to be more creative. There is no boundary when it comes to what material or medium to use. You can go wild with your imagination and what I primarily consider in constructing free form jewelry is to make use of steel wire.

Steel wire is basically found in hardware, but nowadays, as the world of jewelry making evolves, you can see craft stores offerings wide varieties of steel wire from the basic copper wires, aluminun type to colored ones. It would not be hard to find one that is appealing to your taste, and what suits the project you have in mind.

If you already have a vision of what form of jewelry to create, then the next step is to decide which type of wire to use.

Here is a guide on what kinds of steel wire you should employ with your project:

Aluminum Wires

Basically, aluminum wires are the type that is used for crafts making. You can get some color coated and rubber coated ones. In my opinion it is best to choose the color coated wire especially the one that is in the shade of metal. Although others might want to use rubber coated wires, but others stay away from it because it cannot hold the form very well as compared to the wire without rubber coverings.

Craft Wires

Craft wires are all over the stores and it is the cheapest among the wires around. This type is mostly coated with nickel. Although it seems to be a good idea to use inexpensive materials, I would not suggest to use this in jewelry making because it tends to tarnish easily and shall I say tarnish a lot! And since it is plated with nicked, all the bending and twisting and pounding can damage it and eventually peel this coating off.

Copper Wire

Copper wire is one the best type of wire to use in jewelry making. It is enamel coated that is fairly hard-wearing and can withstand the beatings you may cause it. It has a variety of colors and gauges to choose from. A little warning though, even if copper wire is durable enough, you may want to be careful working with it as you may not want to chip or stain its coating especially those of the colored type.

Tools for copper wire jewelry

Lastly, there is also the colored artistic wire, which for me is the type that will always be fun to use. The color is not just a coat but is within the wire itself so you do not have to be overly cautious that you might flake off its color when you bend or pound it to have it shaped the way you want it to. Even if it has the widest range of colors to choose from, it only offers limited size from 24g-26g.

Copper wired Jewelry

So there you go, try to play and experiment with these different wires. There will always be hit and miss and some disappointments throughout the process, but soon enough, you will get to decide which type is suitable for you and your project that will make you enjoy creating steel wire jewelry.

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