Konad is the key player when it comes to nail art stamping and image plates for stamping but more and more people are opting for cheaper brands.

For those of you who have not yet heard of nail art stamping it is simply an ingenious way of creating fantastic nail designs at a fraction of the cost of visiting your local nail salon.

You basically start with one or more image plates for stamping and you pick one of the designs on the plates. (Each plate usually has between 5 and 8 individual designs on it).

Take your Konad (or thick nail polish) and apply to the design on the image plate.

Scrape the excess paint using your nail art scraper tool and then roll your stamper over the desing. The image will then show clearly on the bottom of the stamper. You would then roll the image from the stamper onto your fingernail (making sure that your nail polish was complelty dry).  You should then have a perfect image on your nail tip.

Nail art stamping is very easy to do. Like everything, it sometimes takes a little bit of practise when you first start out so don’t expect perfect results the very first time you try stamping. As soon as you get the hang of it you will enjoy fantastic nail designs every time!

You will find with nail art stamping that there are 3 main groups of people. The Konad group where it is seen as a sin to use any other products other than Konad.

The middle group that enjoy the benefits of both Konad and other branded makes. Then you have the anti – Konad group who refuse to use Konad products and dismiss them as overpriced and insist that other brands work just as well.

Personally, I think the middle group must be right as they have tried out both options so have a more informed view point, particularly when it comes to image plates for stamping.

If you need to practise your nail art stampting it is worthwhile investing in some nail tip display wheels as they are so easy to practise on and it is certainly a lot less stressful than if you were to keep having to re-do your own nails.

Nail art stamping allows you to have fantastic nail designs and you get the satisfaction of knowing you have created the amazing manicure yourself.


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