A fresh Christmas wreath is a wonderful way to bring some cheap Christmas cheer to any home over the festive period. Christmas wreaths make a great addition to your Christmas decorations or a great alternative to a traditional Christmas tree if you do not have the time or space to put up and decorate a Christmas tree.

Follow these simple instructions below to make your own Christmas wreath. Doing it yourself will save you money and provide you and your family with something fun to do over the festive period.

What you will need

  • Heavy duty wife or an old coat hanger
  • Sticky tape/parcel tape
  • Old newspaper
  • A selection of ribbons
  • Fresh cuttings of holly or fern
  • A helper

Step 1

Twist the wire into a circle (if you are using an old hanger you can leave the hook on to give yourself an easy way of hanging the wreath).

Step 2

Get some old newspaper and screw it up into a long sausage-like shape then wrap it around the wire circle you make in step 1 and secure it using some tape. You will probably need a couple of paper sausages to cover the whole ring. Once it is covered all the way around and taped down move to step 3.

Step 3

Christmas wreathStart tying your bits of ribbon around the paper trying to cover all the paper so you only see the ribbon. Once you have a good covering of ribbon you can start weaving bits of fresh foliage like fern or holly into the circle securing it with more ribbon.

Step 4

Finally once you are happy with the shape tie a large bow at the bottom and cut the tails off. I usually leave tails of about 6 inches but its up to you.

Additional ideas

Many people like to hang something in the centre of their Christmas wreath like Christmas decorations or fruit. I find baubles or dried oranges work well and the smell of dried oranges give off a lovely Christmas scent to get you into the festive mood. There are no rules to what you can do and can’t do with your wreath. The only limit is your imagination. Once you get the hang of making the wire wreath shape you can experiment with wreaths of all sizes, colours and different decorations. Why not try lying a wreath down and using it as a centrepiece with some candles in the middle for a lovely Christmas table decoration.


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