Herman Miller, one of the best-known names in seating and furniture, is consistently changing the game when it comes to office furniture.  Their release of the Aeron chair several years ago completely revolutionized office seating, and to this day, it is clearly the most popular office chair for upscale corporate environments.

Their latest creation, the Herman Miller Sayl chair has a striking appearance, especially in some of the more vibrant colors offered like the bold red, blue and green versions.  At roughly $400, its seat back is said to have been modeled after a suspension bridge, showcasing a beautiful injection-molded resting place for your spine which constantly adapts to your shape and movements, providing unparalleled support.

In comparison to other seating options, this chair boasts a smaller carbon footprint with a minimalist design which incorporates far less parts and materials than its counterparts.

Also, in comparison to the famed Herman Miller Aeron, the Sayl chair comes in at a much lower price-point.  Designer Yves Behar is said to have been asked to design a chair in the more affordable price range, which, of course, still incorporates the high standards in design, ergonomics, engineering, and environmental respects which define the Herman Miller brand.

The Sayl chair actually comes in two variations: a work chair and side chair.  The work chair features the common 5-point base and either upholstered or suspension backing.  The side chairs, however, feature a fixed 4-leg or cantilever base with the same options for the back.  If you’re looking to design a new office space, it’s nice to know you have options for fixed seating as well as work chairs in the Sayl family.

A beautiful seating option indeed, the Herman Miller Sayl chair is sure to be an up-and-comer in office furnishings, offering a stylish and ergonomic option at more than half the price of its more popular successor, the Aeron.


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