InternetThe latest internet revolution has created both challenges as well as opportunities for furniture stores.  On the one hand, most will agree with the fact that a retail website is significant; but, on the other hand, most furniture stores aren’t rather sure why – besides the fact, possibly, that if other furniture stores have one, everyone should have one, as well.  The fact is that the majority of furniture stores have yet to garner the full potential of Web 2.0.

 It is so true that a typical customer who is in the market for a sofa wants to first sit on it before actually purchasing it, but we have to realize that not all furniture consists of a sofa.  When it comes to upholstery and mattresses, comfort comes first and it’s understandable that most consumers will resist purchasing those items online before actually feeling them in person.  This makes strategic sense but comfort does not become a factor when purchasing TV stands, lamps, or even beds.  Consumers purchase those items online based on detailed product descriptions and imagery.

 We are becoming more dependent for the Internet as the default mode of commerce for a variety of product categories including groceries and vacations.  As we are starting to rely more on the Internet, more consumers are purchasing even furniture online.  Therefore, having a web presence is a step in the right direction for a furniture store and it is an important hook for reeling shoppers into the physical store.

 As far as marketing is concerned, the cost of creating and mainlining a website is very reasonable compared to other advertising methods such as newspapers ads and color brochures.  With a website, can access niches and markets that could never be approached offline.  Younger groups can be reached via the Internet because for them the Internet is not merely an alternative; it is absolutely a significant tool for reaching the next generation of potential consumers.

It’s a proven fact that businesses including a typical , for example, that have an effective online presence in conjunction with other media advertising experience greater profits.  An added bonus with an online presence is the valuable free information, such as buying guides, that a store can offer which will give the consumers added value.


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