Platform Bed in ChocolateLooks like a simple platform bed with straight, clean lines. Looks can be deceiving though. It is so much more.



Modern Minimalism

Rigorous modernism can look trapped in time, which is why a simpler take on modern design is so pleasing. Modern minimalistic looks ebb and flow, but the style couldn’t be more popular than it is now. The straight lines shown on this bed are nothing new, but they are boldly paired with the chocolate finish that puts the look squarely in the 21st Century. The bed combines strong aesthetics with fundamental practicality. The smooth modern lines serve urban space well but can also match rooms of a larger size.

From showroom floors to the fashion houses, platform beds offer consumers a stylish, sophisticated hue on home furnishings. In today’s modern furniture market, companies are going a step further by designing multifunctional pieces that attract a wide variety of consumers to help streamline their daily tasks and activities. This bed does more than just support a mattress. Of all the elements in a bedroom, storage surely must be near top of the list. Space-challenged dwellers are always looking for more storage solutions and this bed has the answer.


Hidden Assets

Lift Bed in ChocolateArmoires provide plenty of concealed storage space, but their bulk can overwhelm smaller bedrooms. The solution: use the wasted under-bed space. Take this platform bed to unexpected heights by incorporating an optional hydraulic lift mechanism to address the need for storage solutions. The lift mechanism is sure to bring ease and efficiency to bedrooms in many homes. It is ideal for urban spaces craving for more room. The lift allows for easy lifting of the mattress to access stored items like pillows, sheets, or blankets. that exceed expectations like this one give consumers more reason to buy them.


Platform Bed in WhiteOn-trend pure white adds a trendy punch of color to this bed. The white color brings visual interest and a sense of purpose to open bedrooms. This sumptuous presentation of white is sure to appeal to consumers who want their bedrooms to be uncomplicated, soothing sanctuaries. Just like the chocolate finished bed, this pure white version is the perfect balance of multifunctional practicality and style. It is perfectly positioned to take center stage in your bedroom with its lift mechanism and storage. This bed also opens up to reveal a storage base with ample storage space. Thanks to their space-saving design, will continue to be a furniture staple.


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