Leather SofaThe living room is the most central room in your home and one in which you really live in, so a decision about what kind of sofa upholstery to settle into is not a small one to make.  The most important thing to remember when shopping for a sofa is how you live in your space.  Will your decision meet everyone’s needs?  Will the upholstery choice be practical, comfortable, and stylish?  Not only does leather look and feel luxurious, it offers durability like no other.  No wonder it’s becoming progressively more popular in today’s homes as the ideal upholstery choice.

The assortment of styles makes leather a great choice for any home decor.  If you prefer the natural appearance of leather – complete with tiny wrinkles in the hide and natural markings, then full grain leather sofa is the ideal choice for you.  It will make each sofa unique.  On the other hand, if your preference is the sleeker, smoother look with a consistent appearance that is void of any natural markings, then choose protected leather sofa.

Whatever you style may be, a variety of looks are attainable with leather sofas and today’s options also include dyed hides for a wide assortment of color options.  Do you want to know what the best part about leather is?  That’s right, everyday stains and spills can be wiped off with ease.  I’m sure those with kids or pets will appreciate this attribute of leather.  The added bonus with leather sofas is the showcased stitching which offers a small layer of detail that indicates a sense of fine tailoring.

provide exceptional good looks.  Uncommon leather covers star in this season’s seating selections and you won’t be disappointed in an array of sofas upholstered in leathers that combine arresting colors that are pleasing to the eye as well as the hand.  Even if you’re convinced to buy only brown, furniture showrooms pepper their upholstery selections with some uncommon covers.  White, one of the highest-fashion colors of choice of the season, makes a dramatic design statement when dashes of vivid color of throw pillows add the visual punch.  For example, a sofa covered in an impressive all white leather with added bright red floral pillows for contrast, will bring an air of contemporary elegance to any living room.

With leather sofas the options are endless.  You can even venture into an often untapped quadrant of the color wheel, such as blueberry or turquoise.  The juicy result will offer home owners an upbeat alternative to the black/brown story that unfolds in every other household.  Be different…  and with leather, you can!


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