EQ3 FurnitureEQ3 products tell a story, a story which is rooted in passion for design, hoping to inspire passion for living. Our space becomes our sanctuary where we lounge engage, rest, savor, and create alone or with others. EQ3 collections evolve with unique offerings for personal expression of modern living. EQ3 offers modern design, enticing selection, beautiful comfort, and an alluring range of options that offer varying materials, styles, and finishes while being affordable. That’s right. EQ3 creates modern products that represent value.

EQ3 gets design inspirations from American Mid-Century modern to European minimalism and everywhere in between and interprets these design eras for today it its own distinctive way. Producing modern design that’s reasonably priced to most households brings challenges to just about every step of the design process. But that’s the fun with EQ3. Constraints drive EQ3 and it’s invigorating. The designs are boiled down to the absolute essentials. What results is a synchronization and efficiency of design, manufacturing, materials, and function. Of course modern design has its level of intricacy, but the visual outcome is always uncomplicated, comfortable, and pleasing in its clean lines.

EQ3 SofaWant the sofa in fabric? It can be done. What the sofa in leather, instead? It can also be done. Play it safe or go crazy with patterned fabrics. On-trend consumers can add understated elegance and casual comfort to their living room retreats by choosing custom upholstery. The sofas and sectionals from EQ3 offer bold presence with gentle shapes and smooth proportions. The modern designs feature soft lines dressed in customizable upholstery. Each sofa tells a unique material and construction story, creating a tailored comfort.

Furniture shoppers believe that the home furnishings they own make an individual statement about their life choices. Not only do they want furniture that reflects their individuality but they want comfort as well. Not every customer who enters a store wants the exact same microfiber-covered sofa. In an EQ3 store, the customer enters knowing exactly what her style options are, and she can choose the fabric pattern and color and finish she desires.

Do you have friends, guests, or relatives that don’t want to go home? It happens. A few sofas convert into convenient guest beds and just like with the entire EQ3 upholstery line, these sofa beds can be ordered in over 100 fabrics and leathers. The final touch to bring it all together with a sofa bed is the leg finish options.

Ever have everyone on you dinner party list bring an unexpected guest? Yikes! Luckily the expanding dining tables uniquely unfold with ease and can grow to accommodate a few more of the extra guests. Balanced proportions and practical sizing define the dining tables with crisp lines and shaped legs which express a sense of nostalgia and refinement.

EQ3 BedIs your bedroom space-challenged? No problem. EQ3 offers a unique collection of platform beds with clean lines and innovative lift mechanism with storage which can accommodate extra books, blankets or other miscellaneous clutter. Now that clutter can be stashed out of sight and hidden inside the bed.

Do you need customized storage for your living room area? No problem. has versatile, customized, and functional storage solutions. Adaptable horizontal and vertical storage units accommodate optional inserts to crate flexible media and general systems. Maximize space. Minimize clutter. Versatile solutions accommodate technology and design.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re trying to find the ideal piece to put that final touch in a room, EQ3 has the style and customizable options to meet your needs and express your individuality. The unyielding aim to construct accessible modern products begins with design, but is only recognized when the final product enters the intimate and emotional sanctuary called home.


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