Ever bought a futon and the futon mattress kept on shifting and sliding? Ever experience that annoying tendency of futons that slide off the futon frame? One day you’re watching TV and before you know it, the mattress has slid halfway down the frame and it’s almost on the floor. Do the words such as lumpy, heavy, and hard come to mind? Ever have guests or family members that simply don’t want to go home? Are you in need of extra storage space?

Compromise is an inescapable part of life. What seemed fantastic is often subjected to a series of revisions. A futon was an invention like nothing before it. However, unlike typical futons, reminiscent of cheap collegiate living, that quickly loose shape over time, convertible click clack sofa beds look and feel like ordinary sofas and offer convenience and comfort. The innerspring mattress is part of them. The easiest way to describe these jackknife sofa beds is to visualize a mattress that folds in half. The mattress IS the sofa bed. They are also known to offer design style that suits the attention-starved and a few designs are rarely described as subtle.

The additional benefit to sleeping space is the handy storage area underneath them. You simply lift the click-clack sofa bed via a hinged mechanism to reveal hidden storage where sheets, blankets, and pillows can be stashed out of sight and hidden inside. Visions of more storage space will have the space-challenged dwellers salivating at the prospects. Lift it again until you hear a click (hence the name) and it turns into a convenient guest bed. But what really intrigues the senses is how quickly this unique piece of furniture changes from a simple sofa to a sleeper and hidden storage space to suit your needs.

With one sofa bed you find three benefits: sitting, sleeping, and storing. As they are equipped with storage space, one has to wonder why anyone would want a futon. The extreme flexibility and functionality make them a great choice and alternative to futons. All takers should not carry a hefty wallet either. That’s right. These are very affordable.

The sofa genesis from a simple sofa to a practical sofa bed is complete. For sheer, unadulterated practicality the click-clack are benchmark pieces of furniture. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sofa this good. It’s a forgone conclusion fellow space-challenged residents will have this furniture in their sights. All in all, a fine example of furniture engineering, well seasoned with a generous portion of good old awe.


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