Modular Unit in BlackWhat is it?  Is it an entertainment center?  Sure is!  Is it a TV stand?  Most definitely!  Is it a room divider?  Of course!  Can you use as shelving?  You sure can!

This one little unit can create endless possibilities.  If you’ve ever played dominoes then this gives a new meaning to the game when it comes to furniture.  You can even go as far as calling it LEGO furniture.  At first sight, most will not realize the capabilities of this one simple piece of furniture.  For starters, use it as a simple TV stand and place your latest LCD TV right on top of it, but there is no need to stop there.  Take a few of these and flip them, flop them, rearrange them any way you want to make a room divider, bookcase, or anything you want.  Call it shelving system on steroids and simply let your creativity fly.  Do what you feel is right.  There is no right or wrong here.

Entertainment Center in WengeThe simple, straight lines of this unit depict European minimalism and this is not a new concept.  However, a number of factors led to its recent resurgence and rightfully so.  European minimalism is simply stated as “form follows function”.  Furniture is stripped down to the bare essentials and the result is a minimalist style of furniture which is based on simple geometry and geometrical shapes.  Gone are the ornate decorative touches.  Minimalism is a concept rooted in a belief that forms free us from daily clutter and what results is restfulness and tranquility.

Past changing economic signals and irregular financial circumstances, consumers that love their bells and whistles – in the form of latest electronics – can never be discounted.  The variety of available home electronics means that this piece of furniture can be built around the customers’ music, gaming, and viewing habits.  The purchase of the latest flat screen TV can trigger a purchase of a TV stand but why stop there?  With a few of these stackable, modular pieces of furniture, all of the home electronics can be put in a way that is not only stylish but practical as well.  Arranged in a way that will offer entertainment options beyond television, these pieces will have consumers responding well to the possibilities.  The best part is one can always add more pieces as their financial situation improves.

Shelving in WhiteDon’t like the wenge finish?  No problem.  They’re also available in pure white and white seems to be the latest modern trend.  Sure these modular units can be used as or entertainment centers but used as a room divider these units bring visual interest, functionality, and a sense of purpose.  The shelving is deep enough to accommodate books, storage baskets, collectibles, and more.  If placed in a center of the room, items are easily accessible from either side.  The ability for these units to be stacked asymmetrically is sure to appeal to young, urban consumers looking for unique furniture beyond ordinary shelving, room dividers or .  Customization and personalization rank high with these modular units.


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