Pretty much every shop that you are ever likely to visit will incorporate shop shelving of some description and there is no denying that it is a useful addition to any retail setting.  You may be of the assumption that all shop shelving is much the same and that choosing some for your business is a straightforward decision.  However, you should really take your time when selecting your shop shelving to ensure that you make an appropriate choice.  Here we look at the four key factors involved in choosing shop shelving with the aim of guiding your choice.


There are many different varieties of shop shelving available, from units that are permanently screw fixed into place, to ones that are designed to be easily relocated and altered as required.  So it is important to identify as to whether you are likely to redesign the interior of your shop, or whether you are happy for it to remain in one setup for a long period of time.  Fashion outlets like to promote a freshness that is in keeping with the fashion industry and thus they are frequently changing their shop layout.  However, newsagents and local corner shops prefer to promote a more homely and familiar feeling, meaning that they prefer to go for more permanent shelving options.

Space management

For most stores it is important to make best use of the space that is available to them.  By doing so they increase the number of items that they can put on display.  Therefore the exact areas that you have available to fit in your shop shelving should always be worked out before the selection process begins.  Don’t forget to measure the height of the available space in addition to the other dimensions.  The only kind of outlet that might not be too concerned with maximising display space are expensive boutiques where they only carry a handful highly priced items and they wish for them to be viewed in their entirety.


Choosing shop shelving that is going to stand the test of time is important if you don’t want to have to replace it a few years down the line.  If your shop is likely to have a high stock turnover then the shelving is going to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.  Poor quality shop shelving that is put under these kinds of rigors is likely to bend or even buckle over time.  Therefore it is always worth investing a little more to purchase quality shop shelving that will prove to save you money in the long run.  Be sure to bear in mind the weight of the items you will have for sale as this could greatly impact on the longevity of your shelving.

Staying in style

The final area that you must consider when purchasing your is the overall feel that it is going to provide in your shop in terms of style.  Going for cheap plastic shelving for a quality clothing shop would be a wrong move.  As would going for an ultra-modern metal design in a traditional tobacconist shop that is looking to evoke positive feelings from days gone by.  So do think carefully about the overall vibe you are looking to create before making your choice.


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