happy-fathers-dayWhy does it always seem so much harder to buy a gift for Dad than it is for Mom? Ugh.

It’s that time of year again for all you procrastinators who still haven’t picked up anything for your Rad Dad, including myself. I always seem to know exactly what to get for my Mom but when it comes to my Dad, it’s a totally different story. For my Dad, it’s either sports or fishing. That’s all I’ve got. I mean, he’s into diet and working out, but what kind of good gifts can I pull from that niche without being offensive? Plus, my Dad is in great shape so he’s got the whole nutrition and exercising thing down pat.

I decided to take a look at what’s out there for unique Father’s Day gifts and see if any of these are right for my Daddy-o. Here are some of the items I came across:

1. iPhone Bottle Opener: Although the coolness factor quotient is “somewhat cool”, my Dad refuses to own a cell phone. And he doesn’t drink beer.

2. Ticket Stub Diary: The idea behind this one is that it’s a place to put all of the ticket stubs from concerts and sporting events in one place. A scrapbook, if you will. It’s a unique idea but I don’t think guys really care about preserving memories in a scrapbook. Seems a little immature, no?

3. Beer Holster: Wow. This one is like a tool belt, except it is made to hold a six pack of bottled beer. Definitely not for my Dad but it might be perfect for the college student in your life.  peace-love-bbq

4. Propane Tank Gauge: This one is actually pretty useful. It’s a gauge you put on the grill tank that will tell you when you’re low on propane. I think I will get this one for my husband, instead – we are always running out when we’re in the middle of grilling dinner.

5. Spy Pen: There is a pen out there with a built-in video camera that can record up to five hours of video. How cool is that?! I think I will get one of these for myself. Not that I have an immediate need to spy on anyone, but you never know when the occasion will arise.

In my quest to find something new and cool for my Dad, I turned up with zilch. It seems like if you want to get your Dad something out of the ordinary, you have to resort to something cheesy or silly. Dad has an awesome sense of humor but a lot of these gifts are really kind of lame. I think I will go with my old standy: a gift certificate so he can get more fly fishing equipment. Why a gift certificate? Because this and credit card processing jockey doesn’t know anything about fly fishing.

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo Credit #1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kacey/2578888323/

Photo Credit #2: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mufan96/3573331281/



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