Crackle nail polish is one of the latest nail trends to sweep the UK. It appears that America has known about this exciting product for quite a while and as per usual the UK is only starting to catch on now.

This simple manicure product offers an exciting alternative to your normal nail polish and it is really easy to use. All you do is select a base colour of your choice. I would always choose a bold colour so for example if your crackle nail polish is silver, I would choose black, red, blue or bright pink.

Paint one to two coats of your base colour onto your nails (you can also do this on false nail tips if you choose). Then all you do is apply a thin layer of your crackle nail polish on top and then sit back and watch in amazement at the effect it creates when it dries. The nail polish leaves a crackle (hence the name) or cracked or shattered effect across your nail tip so your base coat can be seen shining through.

The W7 Earthquake crackle nail polish is the latest range to join the ‘crackle family’ and it is proving very popular – especially as it is available in Black, silver or white. Up until recently there has not been much choice in colour with black being around the only option for many of the brands.

The W7 Earthquake crackle nail polish is of a thinner consistency to the Barry M crackle nail polish version and this leaves you with a much sharper shatter effect.

The question on many peoples’ lips is, where can they buy crackle nail polish and the answer is that there are many online stores that now sell it including the crackle nail polish.

The only advice I can provide when it comes to applying your cracked effect nail polish is go easy on the polish. By that I mean only apply a thin layer and wait for it to completely dry to see the full effect. Many people see it start to crack a bit so they then apply a second layer and it never looks as good.

The thing I love most about this shatter effect nail polish is that it takes no time to apply and I end up with salon looking nails for the same price as I pay for my other nail polish!



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