Extreme Couponing is when someone is using multiple coupons in a single purchase for the purpose of getting a much bigger discount. It’s like taking the coupon opportunity to an extreme, like for example when accumulating big number of printable grocery coupons.

Extreme Couponing really happens. Normally you could see it happening in groceries where people are trying to purchase a certain item and looking for the biggest discount possible so the price will just be redeemed by the coupon. If other people may know about it, they themselves will also strive hard to, and do all the necessary means just to acquire the printable coupon in order for them to take advantage of it as well.

Surprisingly, companies are using printable coupons as a part of their ads. May be to invite or encourage interested persons to think about it and maybe prioritize theie product and gain more sales compared to their close competitor.  The bottom line is, it’s all about strategies and sales for company profit.

But some companies haven’t anticipated if what will happen if extreme couponing happens. Of course they can’t blame the consumers. Sometime companies just post advertisements without even thinking if what would be the possible outcome. Their only target is to get the customers attention and have more sales by the end of the day but if they come to think about it and if consumers applies the extreme couponing tactics, for sure they will blame their advertisement specialist. Instead getting them profit, they gain loss for every cents that the consumer got from each printable coupons they use just to purchase a single item.

Extreme couponing is always a big advantage for a wise buyer especially for those who already has an idea how to use that coupon and on what specific item they could use it. Well for sure all of us, if it’s the first time we use it, we don’t know how to really maximize, how far each coupon would do for each item we purchased. As long as we know that we got the printable coupons, what we have in mind is that we could get discount, but we haven’t explored other options on what and how we can maximize each cents of discounts that we have on each printable coupon until such time that we are really used to it, for sure as time pass we are getting wiser than the producers or manufacturers.

When it comes to advertising on how consumers could get , Tide coupons surpassed the effectiveness of traditional coupons. Normally, we could acquire traditional coupons from daily news papers. But not now, the evolution of technology is the key to success for Tide coupons. Easy access and free hustle. You could receive it from your mobile phone and use it without using the actual coupon. Tide coupon could be received thru e-mail as well and other possible electronic gadgets that we have right now. Tide coupon brings all the convenience for each consumer to use it anytime and anywhere. That’s how and technology works,  hand in hand.




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