Combat Boots. These two words alone will inevitably conjure up one of two images in your mind depending on who you are, how old you are and what you do for a living.

Combat Boots

For many, combat boots are something that were once in fashion and were only worn for the sheer purpose of lucking like the teenage ‘Goth’ punk-rocker, glam rocked up to the eyeballs in nothing but black. Black hair, black clothes and black boots – usually combat boots.

The other imagining of combat boots will be similar in only one aspect, and that is because of their colour. Real combat boots are usually black – but that is where the similarity with the sub-culture of the ‘Goth’ ends and the world of real armed force combat begins. And, unlike the ‘Goth’, the people who wear real combat boots are, generally speaking, a lot more dangerous than your average punk-rock supporter, whether they consider themselves to be ‘post-punk’ or not.

Real combat boots are not, as the word ‘real’ implies, designed to look good – although many actually do. Their only purpose real combat boots have in life is to enhance a soldier’s performance when they are fighting an enemy. This means therefore that they have to be strong, durable and resistant to tonnes of pressure that the soldier’s activities will inevitably put them through.

Added strength is often added to combat boots to enable them to deflect knocks, scrapes and other instances where the soldier’s foot could become damaged from combat. They also built to be flexible, enabling the maximum movement in combat situations whilst retaining the incredible protective qualities that they need to

Without properly designed and manufactured combat boots, many soldiers would be left wearing inadequate footwear that could lead them to suffer injury and pain that could easily have been avoided using the correct footwear. Indeed, it goes without saying that any armed force worth its salt, should wish to ensure that their troops are wearing the finest combat boots possible in order to give their soldiers the ability to fight to their strengths without the need to worry about sub-standard clothing. Armed forces personnel don’t want to be let down in the battlefield, otherwise they could find themselves needing to retire from the armed forces due to injury, and who knows, they could find themselves wearing combat boots purely for the purposes of civilian fashion.


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