Christmas can be a nightmare when you are faced with the prospect of finding presents for people who are difficult to buy for. Men especially can be tricky to buy presents for.  This is a common problem I personally face every Christmas but over time have developed ways to make the process a lot easier, in fact occasionally I enjoy gift shopping now. Here are some tips to help make the buying process easier for you.

If you are looking for a small gift, look for something that relates to the persons interests or hobbies. A good example of this would be:

Fishing tshirt giftSay you are looking for a gift for your father-in-law. You know he is interested in Fishing but you know nothing about fishing yourself. There is no point you trying to but a gift that directly relates to fishing. Chances are he already has all the equipment he needs to go fishing and you probably wouldn’t know if am item of equipment is any good anyway. You are more likely to get talked into buying something the sales-person gets the most commission on or that they have excess stock of. Instead of trying too hard and risking buying something that won’t be used, try looking for a humorous gift based on the fishing subject like a funny , calendar or painting. Books are always a good option but stay away from serious books on the subject, chances are the recipient already has the book if it’s any good of the information in the book is too basic for their skill level. As an example, my father-in-law is a big rugby fan, a subject I know very little about. Rather than risking getting something dull or something he already has a quick search on Amazon returned a beautiful book of historic rugby photos. It was something I was sure he wouldn’t have and would enjoy. I didn’t need any knowledge of rugby to appreciate the quality of the images used in the book and it was very nicely presented. A perfect gift which I know he really enjoyed.

Using the advice above you can apply the same theory to most interests. As long as you avoid ‘tacky’ gifts and focus on something tasteful that relates in some way – even loosely to the intended recipients interests. Don’t forget about ebay too. With such a vast range of different goods for sale its a great place to grab a bargain on old posters, paintings and memorabilia which makes a unique gift.

Recommended sources for interest related gifts – ,  one of the UK’s biggest online retailers of cool printed t-shirts. – the number one place for obscure books and music. Use the search facility to return loads of hidden gems


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