If you are considering creating your own nail art designs then there are a few basics that you should follow to ensure that you have the perfect manicure each time:

1)      Keep your nails happy and healthy. Don’t bite your nails and make sure you regularly file them into shape (recommend using a glass nail file if possible). Prior to applying your nail art design make sure that your nails are clean and that the nail tip is nice and even. There are oils that you can apply to keep your cuticles healthy and it will also stop your nails from drying out.

2)      Choose the best nail art products. There are so many different types of nail art product available on todays market and the majority come in reasonable prices. One must have item is nail art brushes – these are the tools that will help you to create your masterpieces. Make sure that you have a variety of design brushes, a fan brush, an angled brush and if possible a dotting tool. These nail art brushes will help you to create the majority of nails designs.

Your other must-have nail art products would include the following:

  • A variety of nail polishes in different colours. It is advised that you also try different brands to find the nail polish that suits your needs best. You would use these with your nail art brushes and dotting tool to create your designes.
  • Nail art stickers – stocking up on a variety of nail stickers will not cost you a lot of money but they can be used for a multitude of different manicures as you will only use a few per manicure.
  • Nail art rhinestones – these items are not expensive and you usually get a large number of them per pack so again, these will last you for many different manicures. It is advised that you choose a pack with different colour nail art rhinestones and also different shapes. (e.g. flowers, stars, moons, triangles, circles etc)
  • Clear nail varnish is a very important item as this will be used to seal the majority of your designs. I would ensure that you always select a good quality nail varnish for this purpose.

Creating your own nails designs is not only exciting but it is also economical. With a little bit of practise you will be creating amazing designs and when you compare this against salon costs you will realise how much you have saved.


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