With the dark nights rapidly drawing in as winter approaches, you may be left feeling a little down in the dumps.  The autumn and winter months can have this kind of effect on many people as the green plants begin to die and the leaves fall from the trees.  One way of keeping your spirits up can be to make some changes to your bedroom to lighten to mood.  Considering the amount of time you spend in your bedroom; it is sure to have some positive impact on your frame of mind.  The problem is that cash can be tight due to increased energy bills and Christmas on the horizon.  However, by simply introducing some cheap curtains you can dramatically change the feel of your room.

Adding some vivid colour

The easiest way to really freshen up your bedroom with cheap curtains is to go for some really bright colours that will have a striking impact.  Due to the fact that your curtains take up a large surface area, even when open, the light will be reflected and create a less oppressive room.  If the colour that you like isn’t already present in the room then it can be a good idea to add a few smaller accessories to assist the makeover.  Items such as clocks, lamps, lightshades, door hooks and cushion covers can complete the look without breaking your budget.

Introducing some nature

If you already like your bedroom colour scheme as it is and don’t want to make changes then you have the option of adding a bit nature to your bedroom.  Popular choices always seem to be floral and tree designs, which bring to mind the feeling of summer tranquillity.  If you do go for floral pattern in your cheap curtains, don’t worry that our options will be limited.  In addition to the more traditional styles, there are also a host of modern designs, many of which can be quite funky and abstract.  The inclusion of wild animal design curtains is another option.  You may initially be turned off by the idea that animal themes are quite childish; but there are tasteful and more mature designs out there.  For example a Japanese style curtain with and embroidered tiger motif can offer a reprieve from the staid feel of your bedroom.


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