Making it to your retirement is a huge achievement, and it’s not easy to know what gift to give to someone who has made it to this significant life milestone. It’s a time to celebrate, to reflect and to enjoy not having to go to work every day. The following gifts will help show you care and also make it easier for the newly retired person to settle comfortably into post work life.

1)A luxury cruise – Now that they don’t need to be going off to work every day, give them an exciting way to mark their retirement by getting them seats on a luxury cruise liner. Whether it’s off to the Caribbean or up into Asia, a cruise will provide the perfect way for them to relax, have fun and reflect on their newly gained freedom. Cruise adventures are also a great way to meet new people and make friends with others who have recently retired.

2)Security system – If they don’t have one already, a security system is a great addition to anyone’s home and will help keep safe the precious possessions they have been working their whole life for. Now that they have more time to be out and about, it’ll be nice for them to know that their home and property is safe and secure. The addition of an alarm system, security doors or security screens will make a huge difference to the feeling of safety as well as deterring intruders in their home.

3)A gym membership – For a lot of people, work encompasses all aspects of their life, so now that they have retired it may be hard to know what to do with all their spare time. A gym membership is a perfect way to provide an opportunity to be active, stay in shape and meet people. Whether you like swimming, pilates, lifting weights or just sitting in the hot tub, gyms have a huge range of facilities and classes on offer. Its never too late to start living healthily and being active.

4)Season tickets to the theatre or the orchestra – With lots of time now on their hands, its time to get out and enjoy some of the cultural gems on offer. Whether they are music fans or more into live theater, season tickets will be the perfect way to start exploring some live entertainment as well as support cultural and art organizations in the community.

5)A spa treatment – What better way to fully unwind and be pampered then by heading off to the spa. Whether it’s for just a few hours of for the weekend, there’s nothing like treating your body after the years of relying on it to get you through your work week. Either for a man or woman, the gift of a spa treatment will be appreciated by any new retiree.

6)Golf or tennis lessons – Staying healthy an active in retirement is really important, so having a fun way to do it will make all the difference. Learning a new sport or even just improving your skills at a game they’ve played and loved their whole lives, is a thoughtful gift that will be much appreciated.


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