Nail art stickers are truly a life saver for many!  People with muscular or nerve disorders could never create their own beautiful pieces of art on their nails without paying the high price of nail salons.  Having MS (Multiple Sclerosis) can make it so that your balance and fine motor skills are extremely challenged.  Someone with CP (Cerebral Palsy) can often lose fine motor skills and have involuntary spasms that would make it impossible to do anything intricate on their nails.  People with poor eyesight can often have difficulties doing anything intricate to their nails.  Sometimes just painting your nails one solid color can take twice the time of a normal person when you have any disease or ailment that can cause fine motor skill issues or visual impairment.  Even the thought of creating any type of artwork on them is just not something that crosses your mind.  Until now!  And the best part of it all is that it’s completely affordable for even the tightest of budgets.


With the advent of nail art, whether in stickers, rhinestones, or decals it has allowed many with physical inabilities to become independent again; creating designs they’ve only dreamed of ever having unless they went to an overpriced nail salon.  Being able to easily apply decals and stickers on your nails isn’t just something that the slightly disabled can take advantage of.  Women with busy schedules to juggle find it hard to make time to actually schedule and make it to a salon to get professional work done.  Add to that lack of time the need to spend extra money from an already often tight budget and chances are the nails get put aside yet another week.  Again, until now!


You can literally paint, dry and apply your stickers to your fingernails and toenails within a matter of minutes; creating a look that is definitely professional and easy to do.  It’s so easy to spend a few minutes in the evening, after the kids are put to bed or you’re winding down for the evening, applying your favorite stickers for that special, professional look.  If you’re not the type who can keep or care for acrylic nails yet would love to have something that looks pretty for a change, nail stickers might be just what you’re looking for to do the trick!  The oriental look of a red nail with a floral sticker (on the left) gives the impression that you’ve spent some money getting your nails done, without the look of “fake” nails that some people don’t care for; giving simplicity and class without going overboard with a look.  Some people don’t mind growing their nails a bit and painting them but taking the time and having the ability to step them up a notch into a work of art just isn’t something the average person can do.  Now you can purchase inexpensive nail stickers, decals and rhinestones to apply and look completely put together.  Take these beautiful floral stickers for instance; add them onto a light peach, pale blue or yellow painted fingernail or toenail and you’ve got a complete look in minutes.  Completely pulled together with a match of just the right shade of nail polish and a simple floral sticker; you’re looking magnificent with little to no effort.


Some people say shoes are what makes the outfit but I beg to differ.  You could be dressed to the hilt but if your nails look frumpy, so do you.  The difference a well manicured set of nails can make is amazing and a beautiful pedicure can make the perfect sandals or open toed shoes look divine.  I guarantee that while most men don’t comment out loud to their counterparts, I’ve had men make comments on how beautiful my nails and even feet look when they’re made up with a beautiful but easily done set of stickers or rhinestones.  You don’t have to go overboard and make them look like a circus show, a simple statement goes a long way when you’re showing off the time you take care of yourself from head to toe.  A light bit of coloring, perhaps a white French tip and a simple floral decal across the top and upper side of the nail which looks delicate and quite professional. Nail stickers are just so easy to use and can make the world of difference.


Very simply put it is a very big attraction to men to look at a lady and see she’s well kept; from her hair to her nails, but doesn’t look “high maintenance” at the same time.  It’s a fine line but completely achievable with our easy to use, inexpensive, and beautiful accents like nail art stickers, decals and rhinestones.


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