WordPress users have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking between numerous WordPress SEO plugins to install. At this point, majority of users are desperately seeking answers to some rather mind boggling questions. To start with, many of them are not sure if they really need to use WordPress SEO plugins. Moreover, those who have the desire to improve their site’s search engine page ranking are still undecided if installing WordPress SEO plugins will facilitate in immediate indexing of their site content and if this will optimize their overall WordPress experience.

Actually, installation of such plugins is quite helpful in improving search engine ranking but only when other aspects of search engine optimization are also present. For instance, a wrong choice of keywords or associating your site to those sites that make use of those infamous Black Hat SEO tricks can really get you no where. However, if your sole problem is to optimize your content then these plugins can come very handy.

Any WordPress user, who only seeks to optimize his or her content and does not aim to become a SEO guru, should be careful in picking the right WordPress SEO plugins. The good thing is that there is a large collection of WordPress plugins that perform different tasks. It is not necessary to tinker with the settings of most of these plugins, since their default settings are good enough. However, if subsequently you think it better to learn how these plugins work, then you always have the luxury of maneuvering their settings. Although, most prefer using the ‘All in One SEO Pack’, still experts believe that the ‘Platinum SEO Pack’ is a more favorable option as it offers more diverse functions.

Sitemaps always play a crucial role in the page ranking of any site, so it is imperative that you install a sitemap plugin such as the ‘Google Sitemap’. Doing so will brighten the chances of your WordPress site getting the attention of the top search engines resulting in your site’s content getting indexed more quickly.

You might also want to consider using other WordPress SEO plugins that address issues such as looking out for errors for broken links or 404 errors since search engines start overlooking sites that frequently show such errors. Also go after plugins that can optimize your site’s performance by caching pages and administering redirections. And finally, you need a plugin that can automate routine tasks that are highly susceptible to being overlooked by you. For instance, plugins that can shorten URLs or initiate automatic link generation can come handy.


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