If you have an online business one of the questions that will always be on your mind is, “how can I attract more visitors to my site?” It is something we all have to struggle with when working online. However if you keep marketing your site and adding high quality content to your site you will eventually see a lot of traffic to it.

It may take time, but the best way to get people to your website is to get links from a wide variety of other websites. Here are some of the best ways of doing that.


Directories are like giant phone books of the web. They list different websites in different niches to make things easier to find. Of course nowadays everyone uses search engines so you won’t see much traffic from a web directory, but you can still get links from them and that is good enough to help rank you higher in the search engines.

Article Directories and Blogs

Article marketing is probably the best way to promote your website for free. It is simply the process of writing an article for another site and linking back to your own site inside that article. If you write for high quality sites it can give you a high quality backlink which will raise your site up in the search engines and you can also get traffic directly from the site you are writing for.

Social Bookmarketing Sites

A third place to get backlinks to your online business systems are social bookmarketing sites. I like to think of social bookmarketing sites as sites where all the “cool” stuff is discovered. In social bookmarketing sites you can bookmark any webpage you like and it shows up on your favorites. If enough people bookmark your site you will get traffic and backlinks from those sites.

When you are working with social bookmarketing sites remember that it is best to build a network of friends who want to bookmark your website. It is also important to take your time and create pages that other people bookmark. Having separate pages on your site just to attract social bookmarketing traffic may not be such a bad idea.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also a very powerful way of building backlinks to your site. The process is simple, you find an authority blog and comment on the articles written on that blog (Make sure you make high quality comments that actually add something to the blog otherwise your comment will probably be deleted by the blog’s owner).

Anyways you can then leave links in your blog comment back to your site. This can get you direct traffic from that blog and traffic from the search engines as they see you have more backlinks to your site.

Those are probably the four best ways of building backlinks and traffic to your website(s). The best thing to do is to mix it up a little bit. Do a little of everything that way your backlink profile looks more natural and remember that these things add up over time so you can’t expect much after a few days of backlinking, but after months or years of building links it can all add up.



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