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1) First thing to do is pick your Keywords, we recommend using google for this.

2) Second you need to make your meta tags these are very important as all search engines use them for information on best practice for creating meta tags please visit google metatags.

you may also want to visit Google Keyword Tool Box for tools.

3) Once you have this done you will need to start thinking about helping your ranking in search engines, there are many ways this can be done and bellow we will list several effect ways to help your site reach its best performance in search engines.

Next you need to submit your site to search engines once a month but not more.

4) You can use Submit to do this for free.

5) Now it will be good to make a facebook page for your site and also submit this once a month as well, it will be important to update this every month as well with news and new things.

Along with facebook you will need to create a blogpage for your site and also submit this once a month.

6) Next a very good way to gain extra traffic for your site is to create a Google MY Places Page.

7) Other sites that we recommend to use to promote your site include: digg : quantcast : aboutus : squidoo

8) It is important to create anchor text on all blog pages and posting you create.

9) The most important thing’s to make sure is that your web site is complete,  you have a different key words and meta tags for each page that are specific to the page,  your pages have plenty of natural information that people will find useful and is related to the actual page.

10) Continue to update all blogs at least once a month with new information and resubmit them to search engines.

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