An e-cigarette is a small battery-operated gizmo that alot of regular smokers use to attempt to give up smoking traditional cigarettes.

The e-cigarette takes cartridges or liquid that often hold nicotine.  This nicotine enables smokers to get their intake of the addictive substance. 

What is different from normal cigarettes?

Unlike old-style cigarettes, an e-cigarette doesn’t contain any harmful toxins.  The nicotine found within e-cigs actually does no harm to the smoker.

Since the ban on smoking indoors came into force around America smokers have been desperate for a method of smoking inside.  Well now they can, with an e-cigarette the smoking ban in public places doesn’t apply, and can be smoked anywhere, including airplanes!

One of the main reasons to quit smoking is the extortionate prices of traditional cigarettes.  An e-cigarette is , on average, up to 80% cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes.  You could save up to ,500 per year (found at: Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette).

The steam given off by the e-cigarette is 100% harmless, and it does not emit an odour like regular cigarettes can.  This odorless device keeps everyone near you happy, and healthy – there is not second hand smoke.


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