Electronic cigarettes is the most recent gadget to come to market that aides kick the habbit.

An electronic cigarette is a small device that seems very similar to normal cigarettes.  The difference is that the e cigarette does not contain the damaging toxins and carcinogens that normal cigarettes do, but stil delivers the same amount of nicotine, which is harmless.

The e cigarette has a lot of features that mirror a normal cigarette.  When the user takes a pull on the electronic cigarette the tip will light up mirroring the embers of a original cigarette.  The e cigarette also gives off a harmless water vapor that looks and tastes just like smoke of a original cigarette.

There are lots of inspirational success stories from smokers of the electronic cigarette.  Such stories as Tara from New York who once used to smoke at least 2 packets of traditional cigarettes every day for over 14 years.  She now has e cigs.  She was off work due to asthma and migraines brought on smoking, but now she is working again thanks to the electronic cigarette, and no longer suffers from migraines, and her asthma has improved.  Her doctor is amazed.

James from Columbus has been free from tobacco for over 120 days now, he states “I |no longer|don’t ever|do not ever|don’t want to any longer|don’t need to any more} need to smoke traditional cigarettes, I feel ill thinking of them.  I now only want to smoke my electronic cigarette – I’ve saved thousands of dollars, literally”.

Eleanor has been using original cigarettes for over 35 years now, all of her adult life.  Last year she took the plunge and went cold turkey.  She lasted a day.  Her inability to quit got her depressed.  She discovered e cigs not too long after, and since then she has been tobacco free – only using her e cig.  She says “I feel like e cigs have saved my life.  I feel fitter, I’m not depressed any more and I’ve saved a load of cash in the 9 months I’ve been cigarette free”.

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