The FDA of America wrote a conclusive article of e-cigarettes called: “Evaluation of electronic cigarettes”.

The analysis has become infamous because of it’s large inaccuracies of the electornic cigarette. The report was created for NJoy, a company who was targetted by the FDA by their testing. It is important note that NJoy is under litigation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A detailed summary of the Food and Drug Administration’s analysis is just below. credit has to go to Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D. who picked apart the Food and Drug Administration’s original review.

* The Food and Drug Administration’s report did not present normal methods for a proper analogy with reference to the usage of a controlled device, talking about the number of cartridges used across all tests.
* The chemicals within of other similar nicotine products that have been FDA tested was not totally described with regards to the presence of tobacco nitrosamines (TSNAs) and other tobacco impurities that are found inside nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) tools at higher
* In the items that were trialed by the Food and Drug Administration, no important chemicals of concern in the report such as TSNAs and tobacco issues were able to be quantifiably found in liquid from NJoy’s cartridges – they were all below limits of quantification (LOQ).
* The tobacco-related issues found in the NJoy’s products were “present but at less than the level than the Nicotrol inhaler specification” – says the FDA analogy. The Nicotrol inhaler is a Food and Drug Administration approved device.
* There is no reasonable indication in the scientific literature that B-nicotyrine or cotinine are carcinogenic substances or are toxins to be concerned about. These were the only tobacco impurities found in small in the vapor phase of a handful of NJoy’s products.
* The report doesn’t properly reflect the real dose of nicotine delivered to the ‘smoker’ from the control Nicotol inhaler used as recommended by the manufacturer. In comparison, Njoy’s devices delivered much less in the largest strength liquid tested, according to the Food and Drug Administration analysis.

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