Sathya Sai Baba is a famous guru from India with a claimed 6 million followers world wide.

Sathya Sai Baba courtesy of Wikimedia

As famous for being a spiritual leader as for his 1970′s Harlem Globe-Trotter afro sans the pick, he has occupied the world’s stage since 1940.  It was in that year that he declared himself a spiritual beacon, 7 years before the declared independence of India.

Baba quickly developed a reputation as a conjurer.  He would make appear small objects likeMap of India courtesy of Wikimedia rings and watches.  Similar parlor magic tricks have been performed by magicians for generations.  These magical powers have been claimed by generations of magic men, and yet none have professed to be a Guru.  His followers profess that even images of the man have created large numbers miracles by performing similar tricks the the man in person.  Baba explains these magical acts as the divine!

When confronted by scientists who wished to verify his claims of magical super-power, as all magic men do, they deny their ability to conjure under spirit-free laboratory conditions.  The amazing ‘James Randi’ has offered for many years, $1 million USD to any magician who can claim to produce a verifiable miracle under labratory conditions.  Sathya Sai Baba ran a hospital and a school, without pay.  Certainly his organization would benefit from the heathen Jame’s Randi’s cash infusion.  Baba certainly has taken plenty of donations from his international cult of followers to pay for his outreach programs.  Why would he refuse an extra million?  For the same reason every other clairvoyant, miracle man, and people charmer does.  Even scientists from his own country and historical heritage were not allowed to observe his miracles in a controlled condition.

This negates nothing of his teachings on morality.  However, how much trust would you place in a man or guru who resorts to parlor tricks to gain an audience.  Why not come clean about personal super powers and develop a following on rhetoric alone?  Because when one establishes a cult, one must rely on some form of chicanery.

For those who are looking for more works by this author or more information on how to perform web chicanery, check out the authors page.



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