Church Bulletins are a fun way for your church to actually share what is going on within the local church community. It is essential for every church to have one, as it keeps everyone up to date with how the church community is doing, including information on how each Sunday’s service would actually commence.

Almost like a church newspaper, Church Bulletins should be made in a way that will attract people and give them a general idea about how the church community is like. This might seem to be a hard job, but you can guarantee that you can generate a good worship bulletin for your church by considering a few simple steps.

Work on the Design

You may find that worship bulletins are often conservative and bland in design. You can actually inject more energy and spirit into it, making it more attractive to readers. The color of the paper would be one thing, but make sure it is appropriate, like a washed out color. Font and text can be formal, but the mix should be of at least two or three different fonts, so as to not appear monotonous. The layout should also be eye-catching, as no one would want to pick up and read a bulletin that seems like a stodgy encyclopedia.

Work on the Content

You should take good care to ensure that the content of your correspond to your church’s views and opinions. While your church may hold their views conservatively, you can have young people write on activities that usually go on within the community. Make sure that you include song lyrics, sermon topics, prayers, order of events as priority, and the rest of the information afterwards. Take good care though not to overdo the content as people might end up reading it instead during mass. Church bulletins play an important role during masses because they are not only decoration but a guide for the people to know what is the theme of their church service. Church Bulletins are meant to inform and guide people along during every mass, so it pays to make them interesting as well as significant.



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