China has 1.3bn people living there as of 2009 says the World Bank, although the number are not be totally accurate because sheer size of China as a country and the quality of living.  Inside China’s walls are more than 400mil cigarette smokers.  With this huge market is a 0 billion tobacco industry.

It is thought that over 10% of China’s smokers are attempting stop smoking.  It’s also believed that there’s only a 2% success rate in China.  However with the recent gadget that has been taken to market, that figure has increased dramatically.  What technology are we on about? 

E cigarette kits are taken China by storm.  They are the lastest must have gizmo that all smokers want.  The small e-cigarettes look, touch and mimic traditional cigarettes, the difference is they will not have any toxins that real cigarettes do, making them much safer.

Officials of the country have said that electronic cigarettes are becoming the norm, and people quitting normal smoking to only use these electronic cigarettes.  They are also becoming more accepted by society with vaping bars and lounges opening that allow ‘vapers’ to use their e cigarette and test out new flavors.

Interested in this fabulous new smoking concession? There are hundreds of articles around the Internet praising the devices, not to mention all of the success stories. They’re becoming more and more popular, and if you look carefully you’ll almost definitely see people out and about using them. The fact that they look so similar to traditional cigarettes does make them a little tricky to spot, but they are out there. Grab an electronic cigarette and stay health, fit, and wealthy.


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