Fountain Pens are like the nib pins which have an internal reservoir or a pipe used to fill and store the ink for few days. The ink is drawn from the reservoir to the nib and then onto the paper through a combined action of capillary principle and force of gravity. Since the writing is done under these two forces, typical fountain pens require little or no pressure. The ink can be filled in the reservoir manually either with a use of syringe or a filler. Some pens are provided with an inbuilt pulling mechanism which allows the users to fill the ink easily.

The Components of Fountain Pens

Typical fountain pens are composed of mainly three parts – the nib which makes contact with the paper and helps in writing, the body of the pen that houses the entire mechanism of fountain pens and the reservoir that is used to store the ink for few days. Several designs and colors are available in a fountain pen. Most of the pens are made up of plastic body or metallic cover or a combination of plastic and metal.

Parker Fountain Pens

Parker Fountain Pens are best known for quality, clarity and smoothness while writing. They have the capability to add elegance to your status and are the most desired form of in today’s market. They can be put to multiple uses. Writing with parker fountain pen can give you a comfortable feeling and can make your writing a lot more enjoyable. There are number of designs and colors available under the category of parker fountain pen. A mere search on the internet can provide you with numerous types of parker pens.

Unique Features of Parker Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are not only a source of writing to be used but they are now gaining popularity as a gift item. Besides, the style and status symbol that they add to your life is amazing. Not only do they speak about the way you write but also impart comfort in your writing. are cost effective, superior in looks and styles, can add a character in your writing and are environment friendly.


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