Nick Sitzman froze to death in a refrigerated train compartment.

Accidentally locked in when his colleagues went home early to enjoy
the rest of the day off, Nick tried desperately to escape but couldn’t
get out.

Certain he was going to freeze to death, he scratched out his
experience onto the floor of the train. He described himself getting
cold and numb, to the point where he couldn’t write any more. His
colleagues found him in the morning, frozen to death.

Why did he freeze to death?

The refridgeration system was faulty and the compartment was at 55 degrees overnight. Nick Sitzman froze himself to death using the power of his mind. He ‘imagined’ himself to death.

Contrast this story (which appeared in the Readers Digest many years
ago) with that of Wim Hof who runs in sub-zero temperatures 200 miles
north of the Arctic, wearing only sandals and shorts. He has even
attempted to run a full marathon there, in temperatures of -25 degrees

Wim Hof is known as the ‘Iceman’ and has set numerous records for his
amazing ability to withstand and survive extremely low temperatures.
Would you be able to survive being immersed in ice for 1 hour and 44

These examples illustrate the immense power locked in the human mind -
your mind – waiting to be unleashed. Whether you believe you can’t, or
you believe you can, you are right on both counts. Napoleon Hill said
‘whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’. He
was absolutely right.

Do you believe you can become financially successful or do you keep
telling yourself how ‘cold’ your financial situation is? When it comes
to success, would you rather have the mindset of Nick Sitzman or that
of Wim Hof?

Decide today to become a success. Ignore the cold. Convince yourself
that you’re running in a nice and warm place, even as the ices crunches
beneath your feet. Ignore the negativaty in your mind. Learn to
transform it into positive power and energy.

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