Sweating can be a serious problem for people who already face a lot of anxiety especially in social settings. It is normal to sweat when room temperature increases, but to start sweating just at a thought of having a social interaction means that the person is probably facing hyper hidrosis. Hyper hidrosis is a case when the person begins to sweat uncontrollably for no real reason, and it happens even more when body temperature rises due to anxiety or stress. As a result, it can get quite damaging to a person’s personality and composure that faces this sour experience every time when socializing.

Some major symptoms of hyper hidrosis include sweaty hands and feet, and sweating even when the weather is cold. This is a fairly common problem among people and there are ways to prevent nervous sweating for them. There are practical medications easily available on the recommendation of a dermatologist or a physician. This is the best way to help solve or minimize the problem so that one could carry on with a usual routine like everyone else.

Keep yourself well hydrated

There is a wrong notion that if one drinks more water, he or she will sweat more. The truth is that drinking water helps your body hydrate and lower temperature. By keeping your internal temperature cool, the sweat glands will have no reason to perspire. Therefore it is important to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Finally water has a number of other qualities that will help prevent sweating, such as detoxifying your body by washing down those toxins products from junk food that we consume. It reduces illnesses and bacteria in your body as well.

Regular shower

This is not exactly a solution for but it will solve a major cause of social discomfort, and that is body odor. Sweating is only bad because it creates body odor that immediately turns off the person around you. The only reason there is bad odor is because there is bacteria on the skin’s surface which gets mixed with sweat to emit a pungent smell. Showering can help eliminate that problem easily with antibacterial soap. By the time you are done with showering, give yourself a cold blast of water to end it so that your body temperature remains cool when you come out. Washing hands with soap frequently leaves a drying effect with little chance of irritation. To hide sweating, you can purchase dark colored clothing that absorbs sweat, breathes, loose and allows sweat to dry quickly. This way much of the social displeasure is gone.


There are different medications that a medical professional can give you. If you want to try first at home, you can purchase some medicated deodorants that have an Aluminum Chloride content of 12% or higher. This chemical inhibits sweating and can be applied to your hands, feet, chest and other parts that sweat more. If you begin to have rashes on your skin then discontinue immediately and try to get help from a dermatologist as next resort. Goldbond powder has a cooling effect on your skin which also reduces chances of you having – more than usual.

Spicy food

Junk food or spicy food that has toxins for your body is a bad idea especially when having a meal on an occasion with guests. Leave the spicy food for casual matters, or at home where you can eat in privacy. If you are socializing then try to have something light and cool like salads or finger food with fewer spices. The reason for this is that your spicy food will cause higher body heat which will give a strong signal to your glands to start sweating.


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