goal achievement tips from QueenHere’s part 2 of an article I came up with after watching a documentary about the rock group Queen. The first part covered a practical tip from bassist John Deacon (you did read it, right?) This second part is a mental aspect you must have right, so let’s get into it…

I’m going back at least 40 years for this one, to the end of the 60s, start of the 70s.
Brian May had started a band which also included Roger Taylor on drums and Tim Staffel on bass and vocals. The band was called Smile, and they plugged away between 1968 and 1970.

A big supporter of the band was a singer called Freddie Bulsara, who around that time changed his name to Freddie Mercury. He attended all the gigs, and was constantly giving his advice about how the band could make themselves better.

In 1970, Staffel left the band, and May and Taylor were about to give the whole thing up. It was Mercury that encouraged them to carry on, informing them that he would do a great job on vocals. He also came up with a change of the band’s name, from Smile to Queen.

The rest, as they say, is history.

So, what’s the goal achievement tip? Well, there are a few, but the aspect I want to focus on here in this…

You must accept the possibility of failure! Guarantees are hard to come by, and it’s waiting for the certainty of an outcome which stops so many people from ever starting out towards their goal.

Do not let the possibility of failure hold you back. May and Taylor were on the brink of giving up after 2 years of hard work with their band, but it was that same hard work which brought Mercury into the equation, which ultimately led to success.

The ‘luck’ of Mercury being in the right place at right time is a whole new article about what can happen when you take action, and of course the logic follows that just as there was no guarantee of Smile being successful as a band, there was no guarantee of Queen working either.

In fact when they had established themselves, their financial arrangements meant they were earning very little money for themselves, and they found themselves again on the verge of stopping.

They changed their arrangements, and the Rolls Royces started to flow! The common thread throughout the story is hard work, plus moving forward despite any guarantee of success.

Queen were in showbusiness, one of the hardest and most fickle. If you can take the same positive attitudes they had into less volatile areas of life, you can achieve some great things. Your goal may still not be guaranteed, but it’s probably more likely than the rock domination Queen were after!

These kind of tips are exactly the thing I write about in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ You can also grab my free 8 step goal achievement formula.


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