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Electronic Cigarettes Beat the Smoking Ban

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the last 3 years you will have seen the ban on smoking from pubs, bars and public places.

If you are a smoker it’s going to be driving you really annoyed.  You can no longer just spark up wherever they want any more.  I suppose this is a great thing for people who don’t smoke, but it’s absolutely an annoyance for smokers.

There is a way to avoid the smoking ban: electronic cigarettes.  These small, battery-operated devices are 100% legal in bars and public places.  You can even smoke them on aircraft.

Ever since around 2006 electronic cigarettes has attracted hundreds of thousands of people around the world that have changed from original cigarettes to the e cigarette, also referred to as the “e-cig”, and using the device is quite often known as “vaping”. If referred to as vaporizing the e cigarette cartridges are sometimes called e-liquid.

Electronic cigarettes share parts of their older counterparts, such as looks, feel and taste of a normal cigarette. The real differences are substantial in that the e cigarette gets it’s reputation because it makes none of the negative aspects of traditional smoking like tar, heat, and 4000 different types of chemical additives that often lead to breathing and heart system diseases.

Whilst electronic cigarettes don’t contain the bad characteristics of normal cigarettes, they do share some traits. As an example the electric cigarette is the same size to normal cigarettes. Some electronic cigarettes also light up at the tip to mirror the state of a normal cigarette. The electric cigarette will also send out harmless water vapor (this is where the term “vaping”) comes from.

All of these benefits make it very comfortable to smoke the e cigarette in public without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Some of the older versions of the electronic cigarette were large and ugly.

You’ll find various other alternatives to smoking cigarettes that will help you going green as well. In particular, the nicotine patch does not involve combustion and you will be contributing to the atmosphere after shifting to nicotine patch and other related products. However, there are additional issues with these alternatives.

If you’re interested in e-cigarettes then go to the electronic cigarette retailer and get a beginners kit.

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