Smokers are turning to e-cigs more and more because they offer a lot of advantages and avoid a lot of disadvantages when compared with tobacco cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, you can enjoy an experience that is very much like smoking (nicotine and all) without fire, smoke, and other negative aspects of smoking. This is a promising new concept that is beginning to gain popularity with people who smoke tobacco.

The mind is tricked into thinking you are smoking by seeing the vapor. You don’t have to seek out open-air places when you want to enjoy your e-cig because it doesn’t produce any smoke. You can smoke in your office, in a restaurant, at home, in the park, virtually anywhere without getting dirty looks or disapproving remarks from others.

There is no smoke from e-cigs. People will be happier to be around you because you won’t smell like cigarettes anymore, so you are sure to spend more time with your friends and relations and make new friends, too! You will be able to enjoy time with your family more when you use e-cigs at home and at social gatherings. E-cigs produce no second hand smoke, so that’s a really good aspect. There’s no fire, so you won’t be setting fire to your clothing and furniture any more.

There are no harmful chemicals, ash, smoke, tar, tobacco, and so on associated with e-cigs. This is a tremendous advantage over tobacco cigarettes. The vapor that the e-cigarette emits dissipates fast and is harmless to those around you.

You will save enormously with electronic cigarettes. A single cartridge equals one pack of tobacco cigarettes. It costs less to buy e-cigs and you don’t have to buy paraphernalia like lighters and matches.

People who use e-cigs enjoy the same physical actions they enjoyed as smokers, so their cravings are satisfied. You can also buy them in different flavors, which you cannot do with regular cigarettes. You don’t throw anything away because nothing is disposable, so you pollute less. An electronic cigarette cartridge equals twenty cigarettes, so that’s twenty cigarette butts that won’t be going into the landfill.

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain harmful chemicals. With e-cigs, you don’t have to sneak around to smoke or hide out in deserted alleyways. You can smoke wherever you want without drawing dirty looks.

More and more smokers are turning to e-cigs every day. You and your family will enjoy lots of great advantages when you start using electronic cigarettes.


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