Coach Brad CampbellTell me, when is the last time you saw a world class athlete, a high earning professional (such as a doctor or lawyer) or even a chart-topping musician who achieved all their success without ever having a coach, mentor, teacher or professor?

Chances are, you haven’t…

Anyone who’s achieved anything remarkable in life has undoubtedly had a few top tier mentors guiding and teaching them along the way.

It’s funny — we take that for granted, but yet, so many people are out there struggling to reach their peak state… and they don’t even consider hiring a coach to streamline the process.

I see this in many different arenas, but one of the most common is the typical struggling entrepreneur who desperately wants to fire their boss, quit their 9 to 5 and start living a lifestyle that’s prosperous and without limits.

The problem is, when you’ve never done something yourself before, you inevitably end up wasting a ton of time, energy and money trying to self-teach yourself the way.  I know I was guilty of this the first year or so in which I was attempting to build a successful Internet business.

Like most others, I thought a coach was too expensive.

Here’s the kicker — I ended up spending way more on other things than I would’ve ever spent had I simply “ponied up” and invested in an from day one.

The moral of the story is this:  whether you’re trying to become a more positive thinker… or lose 25 lbs of unwanted fat… or become a better public speaker… or any other goal you have in life, consider learning directly from someone who’s already achieved that goal.

This is one of the only legitimate ways to ensure your success and not only that, but it’s a viable investment that ends up saving you serious time and energy.  And because of this, I firmly believe that coaches (mentors, teachers, trainers, etc) are worth their weight in gold, assuming you select the right one of course.

Until next time, keep kicking butt… and just remember, that YOU need to be ready to make the coach work for you.


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