One reason a lot of people give for not going on a path of goal achievement, is that they don’t want to have to ‘change’. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to achieve goals without change? Is that even possible? This article explain why it is…

The simple answer is this –
You can achieve your goal without change, as long as your goal is to stay the same.

I’ll say that again as it’s important –
You can achieve your goal without change, as long as your goal is to stay the same.

If the goal is anything else, of course there has to be a change! I mean really, come on and think about it. Cast your mind to a famous quote by Albert Einstein –

“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results”

In fact it’s a bit of an urban myth to attribute that quote to Einstein, there is no evidence he ever said it, but the principle stands – if nothing changes in what you do, nothing will change in the results!

Here’s another important point –
Even if your goal *is* to stay the same, it’s more than likely something will come along and change things!

That’s just life, no-one can control all circumstances, so it follows that no-one is able to stop all changes.

When you plan, and then set out towards a goal, you had better believe that change is part of the process! A lot of the changes will be expected, but equally a lot of them won’t, and that’s why even a plan of maintaining the status quo should factor in the element of unexpected change.

The biggest reason for a fear of change is no more than familiarity with what we already have and know in the present. That present may not even be one we like, but it can seem easier to accept that than ’risk’ change.

In fact, most of the time, things we feared end up being nothing like as bad as we had expected, and this is true of change as well.

Change is not to be feared, and developing an acceptance of change, a willingness to accept it, can make life so much less stressful. It can also better prepare us to go out on adventures towards our goals, knowing that events await us in the future that we may not currently know anything about.

If we expect the unexpected, then instead of closing doors because of imagined change, we can explore all possibilities with the attitude of dealing with change as and when it happens.

So to sum up, while yes, it is possible to achieve your goals without change, that goal had better be no more than ‘keeping everything the same’, and even then unexpected change will probably interfere with that goal.

Otherwise, goal achievement *has* to involve change.

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