Smoking is quite a common vice these days, and there are many different mediums which a person can use to indulge this vice. From normal cigarettes to the typical ECig and everything in between, smokers are provided with a lot of options, one of which is the average Vape (vaporizer) pen. A vaporizer pen is the newest iteration of the device that is used to vaporize substances such as waxes, oils and dry herbs so that they can be easily smoked by a person. Since the vaporizer pen is a fairly new concept, many wonder how they can use it. Well, the following are all of the steps a person needs to complete in order to use a vaporizer pen:

Step 1: Charge the vaporizer pen up or insert its batteries

Vaporizer pens are either rechargeable or require batteries to run, which is the reason why the first step a person must accomplish in order to use one is to either charge it up or insert batteries into it, depending on what kind of pen they have.

Step 2: Place the substance which you want to vaporize into the pen

Next, a person needs to place the substance, regardless of whether it is a dry herb, a wax or an oil, into the ECig so that they can move on to the next steps.

Step 3: Turn the pen on and wait for the substance to start vaporizing

Once a person has placed the substance they want vaporized into the vaporizer pen, what they need to do next is to turn the pen on and wait for the substance to start vaporizing inside the pen so that the pen starts creating vapors.

Step 4: Inhale the vapors

Once a person has turned the pen on and the substance inside the pen has started to vaporize, all they need to do next is inhale the vapors. The vaporizer pen will extract as much of the good stuff form the substance as it possibly can and turn it into vapors, so users should take as much advantage of these pure, juice filled vapors as they possibly can.

Step 5: Clean up once you are done

Once a person is done using their vaporizer pen to vaporize any substances, the last step which they need to accomplish is to clean up afterwards. When a Vape pen is used, the substance that is vaporized is left inside the pen, so a person needs to make sure that they extract the vaporized substance and clean the vaporizer after they have used it to prevent a decrease I the pen’s life span.