July 2011, and the golf Open Championship is being played in Sandwich. Since it’s only about 40 miles away from me, and I was having a sandwich while sitting with my laptop, I wondered if I could relate the humble sandwich to goal achievement?

The title of this article is my answer, as I venture into the difference between making a sandwich and eating one…

The sandwich gets its’ name from the 18th century Earl of Sandwich, which is where the golf is taking place. He liked to eat meat held between two slices of bread, as it allowed him to do other things at the same time without creating a mess.

Other people then began ordering ‘the same as Sandwich’ and the name took hold.

As for the difference between making a sandwich and eating one? Well, I think it works as an analogy to describe the difference between setting a goal and achieving one!

Too many people mistake the two as being the same. As I’ll point out, they aren’t the same at all, but thinking that they are can stop your goal achievement dead, and it leads a lot of people to think that goal achievement theory is flawed.

‘I’ve set my goal, so why hasn’t it happened?’ is the basic complaint. The answer to that question, is that goal setting is only one element of goal achievement. There are many other parts of the formula.

The setting of the goal is a crucial one, but to just take that step and none of the others will not get you to your goal. The single biggest step that people miss out is that of taking action.

Setting a goal will include working out which actions you need to take, so it follows that at that some point, the action will need to be taken for the goal to get closer.

So, how does this come back to the sandwich? Well, making a sandwich is not the same as eating it! You can set the goal of eating a sandwich, and even though you may have taken some action to get the ingredients together, and then to make it, the sandwich will stay uneaten on the plate unless you take action and actually eat it.

Watching the Open at Sandwich this week, you can see some of the older players have eaten more than their fair share of sandwiches in their time. Whether you like golf or not though, whether or not you even eat sandwiches at all, think to your own goals in life and ask yourself if you have any uneaten sandwiches sitting around that really should be polished off!

I cover this idea and more in my motivational book Transform Your Life in 21 Days!
You can also grab my free 8 step goal achievement formula which covers the other steps I mention above.


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