You may have seen someone at your local mall or in a video online demonstrating “Scalar Energy” products such as pendants, bracelets and a number of other forms of jewelry. These products are touted to boost energy, eliminate pain and help an endless number of health conditions… of course all without making claims which would be illegal.


So What is Scalar Energy Anyway?

So before I go into my opinion on all of this let me first explain the theory behind Scalar Energy. Both Einstein and Nikola Tesla theorized about it, and Tesla went even further into researching it, although if you’re not familiar with his story most of his research if not all of it was destroyed by the government. Scalar Energy is believed to exist all around us. It emanates from the earth and in certain forms it can resonate at a much greater level. It is also believed to exist all around us (possibly due to this emanation effect from the earth).  In particular volcanic rock has been found to emanate a great deal of this energy. It’s been observed in fact that residents of Japan who leave nearest the volcanoes often have the longest lifespans of anyone on our entire planet! Now it can’t be pure coincidence and this is outside of dietary habits as not all necessarily lead healthy lifestyles yet lifespans are still found to continue on for many years and chronic illness exists in the lowest amount found worldwide.

Not only this but you find the elderly people there are vibrant and full of life, able to do chores out in the country that most North Americans in their prime would struggle to do.


How Does Scalar Energy Help Us?

So if we take the stance that scalar energy appears to be helping create this situation, the next obvious question would be how. Well scalar energy is believed to help energize all the cells in the body, helps to de-clump blood so it can flow more easily, help strengthen the immune system and reduce the susceptibility of contracting an illness. The energy works to clear the human energy field and its believed that with the advent of technology and industrialization man has cut off his natural connection with scalar energy. This is part of the reason why scalar energy pendants for example can display such profound effects for many people. Especially the first time they expose themselves to it.


Scalar Energy Products and Hype… Do they Really Work?

So this is the golden, million dollar question right. Well here’s my opinion. I personally had (and still have) ongoing health issues which I have been treating for several years, I began wearing a quantum scalar energy pendant about a year ago. In one word it absolutely made a difference. Now with that said if I wasn’t making other efforts to improve my health would I have noticed as much? Probably not, actually its very likely I would have noticed a little bit but it would have been an uphill battle for the pendant to make a big change because at the end of the day if lifestyle habits and diet are destroying your body a positive energy is going to have a hell of a time trying to alter these negative physical changes going on by my habits.

However when one is doing everything they can to further improve their health and they begin to use a scalar energy product they will likely notice subtle to large improvements in their overall health. What I found is that if you’re already trying to improve a specific ailment it gives you that little bit (or sometimes a lot) extra to really start to see or feel a difference. It’s extremely bizarre. But all I know is I haven’t stopped wearing mine for more than 2 days since I started and the times when I don’t wear it I can feel the biggest difference.

As for the muscle tests you might see on them, I perform them myself as a practitioner of applied kineseology. There is no trick involved. If you take someone and do the same tests but have them holding a cell phone for example you will find they become very weak physically, or at least noticeably weaker. If this same person were to put on a scalar pendant their strength would suddenly return to them.



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