Australia is a country that is rich in resources and mining, both under ground and in open pit mines has been  a major part of the the national economy and not only in GDP but also in employment and the creation of communities and and industry solely because of the mining sector.

History Of Coal Mining In Australia

The first record of coal in Australia dates back to 1797, however at that time the coal seemed so inaccessible – so there was no attempt to extract any of it.

In 1908, however, they started extracting from this site, removing almost 2,000,000 tonnes of coal.

Queensland was know to have coal deposits shortly after settlement in the Moreton Bay area, and the area has been worked almost continuously since that time.

Coal Consumption

Coal is now mine all around Australia, in fact there are mines in every single state and territory, and while 75% of all coal mined in Australia is exported, the final 25% accounts for almost 85% the energy production throughout the country.


Australia is the world largest exporter of coal, each year sending over 260 million tonnes overseas. The major export markets for Australian coal is Japan (40%), Korea (16%) and Taiwan, China & India (9%), and the company that exports the most coal is BHP Billiton.

Coal Mining Jobs

As coal is mined all around the country, there are plenty of mining jobs on offer at any one time. Obviously those applying with tertiary qualifications and and trade (relevant) experience are more likely to be successful with their applications.

It is not uncommon for some unskilled mining positions to receive upwards of 300 applicants, so it is easy to see why a lot of job hunters become disillusioned. However, the more training and experience that you can gain – the greater your chances success when applying for entry level mining jobs – be that in the mines or surrounding industries.

Information About Australia

So that is a basic introduction to coal mining in Australia but let’s take a closer look at the country behind this mass of energy fueling resource.

Stats About Australia:

  • Claimed by Britain in 1770
  • Made Up Of 6 States & 2 Territories
  • Population Of Almost 22 million
  • The Only Country To Occupy A Whole Continent
  • It’s National Day Is The Of 26th January

Aside from coal mining, Australia also is a major miner of iron ore, diamonds, gold, uranium and a lot of other precious and semi-precious minerals. Although mining is one of the major exports of Australia, the country also has major exports in primary industry, wool and sugar.


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