Australia is well known for it’s vast resources and that is why mining is such big business in the country, while the environmentalists may not be too happy about this the jobs sector is reeling with the quantity of new jobs being created. Not all jobs in the mining sector and surrounding communities needs previously experience or qualifications to apply, so if you are looking into a job in the mines but are holding off because you do not feel qualified then read on to see your options.
Because there are plenty of jobs for inexperienced workers and if you cannot pick one up in the mines themselves, there is a whole community that has a range of opportunities.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the opportunities:

Unskilled Jobs In The Mines

The most popular unskilled mining job is as a labourer. If you are physically fit and healthy and can handle lifting heavy objects than this is a great place to start your career if you are not interested in a traineeship or apprenticeship.

The benefit with a labouring (or trades person) job is that you are working in the mines and there is the possibility of promotions and raises.

Unskilled Jobs In the Mining Community

If you do not have the strength or heath to be a labourer then you best option is probably to get a job in the surrounding community. A lot of the mining companies pack all their workers into little communities and they need people to look after and clean after them – this means that there are plenty of jobs for those in mining areas that do not want to actually work in the mines.

Cleaners, food preparation staff and admin workers are just three of the opportunities available to those looking for unskilled mining work.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

A great opportunity to progress up the ladder quickly in the mining industry is to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship. Not only does it almost guarantee a couple of years of work but at the end you walk away with a qualification and most likely a nice pay rise.

There are plenty of great opportunities to work in or near an Australian mining site even if you have no experience and no qualifications. However, that being said if you can complete a relevant course or gain the right driving license to drive heavy machinery you will put yourself in a much better position.


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