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We send millions of them every day. Every minute thousands of them are being beamed around from cell phone towers and the 160 characters of an SMS text are all that you need to convey a message, give information, bring a smile or pick up a fight with someone. But can you use romantic texts to spark up romance again? Can a few words being sent via a text message change everything? Well, Text The Romance Back likes to think so, and well, they have done quite a few things to show that they aren’t kidding around.

Most products of the like of  are actually nothing but a hoax, something that promises the return of love in your life but end up doing nothing at all for you. However the mere fact that this product has actually been endorsed by a number of independent TV Shows and News Broadcasts and numerous websites and blogs should be the very first sign that there is more to this product than what meets the intuition. This is truly a brilliant product and it guides you through how you too can spice up your love life with just a few text messages.

Romantic text messages and the power that they hold is something that very few of us actually spend time thinking about. But Fiore, the founder of Text the Romance Back is confident that Texting can change how we interact with the people we love. Using these short messages we can create a little fantasy world for ourselves and the people that matter to us. Whether it is a clandestine relationship that you are sharing with someone or you are happily married to someone, you would not want your desires and fantasies to be out in the open for the world to see, but using text messages you can weave an entire fantasy world that is just yours and you partner’s.

You two can live that fantasy via these small messages without anyone else having even a clue.

In fact, texting is as close to telepathy as we’d ever get. You are typing what you think the other person wants to read and you also end up imagining how they are reacting and responding to your text message. Before you know it, you both are nestled well inside each other’s head and typing away messages that are not only reigniting the spark but also kindling the flame.

This method has been proven to be so successful that national level television and radio shows have featured Fiore. And he has spent countless hours discussing the potential hidden in this thing. One the famous Rachael Ray Show he sent just one of the texts that he talks about and the magic text had Rachel with tingles running down her spine and the audience oohing away. If you think this is the little ingredient missing in your relationship, then give it a shot, maybe you too just need one magic romantic text to make all the difference.


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