Weddings are a lot of fun, and are extremely exciting – especially for the bride and groom. However, with hundreds of years of traditions it can be hard to work out exactly how certain aspects of the wedding are supposed to run and it can just get all too confusing.

One of the most confusing aspects for a lot of young couples who may not have been to many weddings is the wedding speeches – or more importantly the toasts. Who is supposed to toast who? And are you allowed to change up to order/tradition to suit what you would like?

Well let me start off by saying that while a lot of people may see tradition as important (and you might run the risk of offending a couple of people), the truth is that there are no set rules and since it is your wedding – you can having it run in any order or fashion that you like.

Now that being said, you are not here just to hear me say, ‘toast whoever you like!’, so let’s take a look at traditional order of wedding speeches, and who you should be raising your glass to.

Who Toasts The Bride?

The first speech of the day/night usually goes to the best man. There could be a couple of great reasons for this, but the one I like is that the best man’s speech is usually the funniest so it’s always great to kick things off with a bang!

And since the most important person at the wedding is the bride, it just makes sense that since the best man is making the first speech, that he also makes the first toast – to the bride.

Who Toasts The Bridesmaids?

After his beautiful bride has been toasted, the groom starts his speech, thanking the best man for the wonderful things he said about his wife and at the end of his speech toasts the bridesmaids.

Who Toasts The Bride And Groom?

Now, while those are usually the only two toasts, traditionally. It is starting to become more common that an additional toast – to both the bride and groom, is made, and this is usually done within the father of the brides speech.

As I said above, these are just to be used as guidelines, and is just a list of recommended toasts (not speeches). If you are looking to follow a more traditional focus with your wedding, then by all means, follow this guideline. However, it is not required.




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