Wedding favours are small gifts that are given to guests by the bride and groom as a token of appreciation for attending the event.  For many people the idea of wedding favours UK is one that is relatively new.  Indeed there has been a real increase in the number of people looking to employ wedding favours as part of their wedding stationery in recent years.  However, their origins are much older than many people may realise and they have a rich history and tradition.

An ancient past

The practice of the married couples giving presents to wedding guests can be traced as far back as the early Roman dynasty.  The idea initially stemmed from the bridge renouncing her childhood by giving away her childhood toys.  This then developed into the giving of traditional Italian ‘confetti’; typically nuts covered in honey, with almonds being a firm favourite.

A symbol of aristocracy

During the 16th century wedding favours became popular amongst the French aristocracy and where known as bonbonniere.  The phrase related to small fancy boxes made from porcelain, crystal or gold and were sometimes encrusted with precious stones.  Inside the boxes would be small sweets, which were expensive treats due to the high price of sugar that was believed to have medicinal purposes.  The giving of wedding favours became popular throughout much of the rest of Europe in the following years and remained so until the 19th century.  Whilst the practice of giving wedding favours in some countries continued into the 20th century, the tradition did drop off in many others.

Contemporary ideas

As have once again become popular we have seen fresh ideas surrounding their contents.  Specially designed chocolates are a common choice with more quirky ideas including flower seeds; which will grow as the couple’s marriage blossoms.  Whilst there is a multitude of wedding favours options; sugared almonds are still prevalent in those going for a more traditional feel.  The rich and famous have in recent years begun to take the giving of favours further and some have even been known to include items such as designer watches.


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