If you are thinking about moving to Sweden you need to read this.

I will start by explaining a bit about me.
I originally moved to Sweden from the Netherlands after working there for 2 years as an IT support engineer, so I could live with Swedish women I had met, now being from UK originally I thought this should not be so hard a thing to do…. HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!!!

To start things seamed to go ok, first I applied for my E303 & E301 form’s from Netherlands Job Centre which allows me to move to other EU country and take my unemployment benefit for 3 months so I can look for work there, when arriving in Sweden I signed on at local job centre within the first 7 days of arrival as required under the E303 & E301 rules, then I went to the tax office and fixed my Tax number.

Next I had to go to immigration and start my application for residence permit, so here is were the first things start to go wrong,
First they tell me the UK is not part of EU and I am not allowed to be in Sweden with out a visa so after many phone calls I managed to fix this eventually and was able to move on to the next step were I need to join workers union (Alpha Kassan) now here they nobody could tell me the correct rules or what I really needed to do, every person I spoke to told me something different leaving me guessing the hole time, and because I was not able to get my application done in time I ended up losing out on some rights to benefits I should of been able to get well looking for work in Sweden.

Next came problems from the Job Centre no one there could ever give me the correct information for any thing and none of them would give me anything in writing yet alone should I ask for information in English then it was as if I had insulted them or something.

I was able to find some people from EURESS which is a group that helps EU Citizens in other EU countries, and there I was able to get some more help and advice as to my rights in Sweden,
Ok so now I have been sent back and fourth from agency to agency here in Sweden I have done everything they have asked only to find out that what they have asked me to do is all wrong and as such I will again lose out on benefits that I should have been entitled to and still no one wants to take responsibility for this.

I will over the next few days be putting together a list of every agency you will need to contact when moving to Sweden. So please keep you eye on this post for updates

Things you should know in sweden,

If you buy an apartment: this dose not mean you own the apartment or have the right to live in it.

Here when you buy property they are controlled by UNIONS and you will need to pay rent to the union every month and also get permission from them to be able to live in the apartment. CRAZY YES but they have UNIONS for everything here in sweden and this can make things very hard, I would recommend checking with the union befor you buy any property to see what rules they have about people living in there appartments.

Renting and apartment you have bought to other parties this can be done but the law says you can not charge more than the rent you pay for the apartment, (exception, if you rent as furnished you can charge a little more to cover the furniture.)

if you would like to contact me with questions please vist



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