Is your best friend getting married and you have been asked to be best man or maid of honour? It is such a position of honour to be chosen to stand by your friend on one of the happiest days of their life and while it may be a lot of fun, there are also a couple of important things that will be required of you – the most important one being the wedding speech that you make at the reception.

Now I could spend my time writing about the proper structure of a wedding speech, detailing all of the specific requirements that must be included in each speech – but that is boring and has been written about on countless times already (no use repeating oneself. So instead, I wanted to take a looking at how you can use your close friendship with your best friend to craft a funny, interesting and compelling speech that it not just a cookie-cutter script that you found on the internet – but a speech full of meaning.

What Makes A Great Wedding Speech?

When everything boils down and you take away the structure and requirements, a great wedding speech requires just a couple of key points.

Funny Stories

The one thing that people love about wedding speeches is having a laugh at some of the things that the bride and groom may have done – that would never have been expected. Being their best friend has given you years of insight into their lives, and no doubt you have countless funny stories that you have either experienced with them or that they have shared (because of your close bond).

Now is the time to share these stories that people (especially those from the other side of the wedding party) can get a quick gauge on the type of person that their relative is marrying.

Heartfelt Stories

You more than most can attest to your best friends character and your best man speech (or maid of honour) is a great opportunity for you to rave on some of your friends good quality.

While this may not get the laughs that everyone expects from wedding speeches, it let’s people step into your shoes for just a moment and see exactly why your friend is such a good catch for their partner.

By adding these two simple things, you can easily turn a bland speech into a great wedding speech. And if you are the brother making a best man speech that you have an extra bonus of the longevity of your friendship – so your arsenal of stories is probably much larger.

So take your time to go through in your mind all the good (and funny) times that you have shared with your friend and make your wedding speech one to remember.


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