Weddings are the most important day for two very special people, the bride and groom, but there is one people who also as a lot riding on him to make the day a success and that person is the best man.

There is a lot more to the best man position that just standing beside the groom at the alter – and making sure you get everything done (and correctly), will almost guarantee your success as the grooms best man and make for a memorable wedding for all.

So let’s take a look at a couple of ‘musts’ if you are going to be the best best man!

1. Don’t Forget The Ring

Definitely one of the jobs that puts fear in the eyes of any best man (especially a forgetful one). There could be nothing worse than being at the alter and not having the ring as the groom turns around and asks you for it. The front pocket on your coat is a great place to put it, and make sure you grab it off the groom before you all leave for the ceremony.

2. Don’t Forget The Groom

And while you are at it. The groom is a pretty important part of the wedding, so make sure he is there too. This means calming any pre-wedding jitters and making sure he is up and getting ready in plenty of time so that he won’t be late.

3. Don’t Let The Groom Worry About Anything

It’s not your special day, it is your job to make sure that the groom has the best day possible and part of that job means that you handle the problems. Make sure everything is organised and help fix any minor problems at the ceremony or the reception to keep the bride and grooms stress levels at a minimum.

4. Prepare A Smashing Speech

The best man speech is definitely the most well known role of a best man, and it is important that you make a cracking one! Keep it funny but make sure you don’t cross the line over to inappropriate.

5. Don’t Get Too Drunk

While it seems like getting drunk is just what you do at a wedding, you want to remember what happened and so does the groom – so drink sensibly.

That should be a decent start to helping you be the ‘best’ best man for your friend, but you may also like to help him prepare his groom’s speech and just be there to help with anything that needs to be done.


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